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Limeta Ltd is one of the largest Lithuanian companies and holds a stable position in the system of healthcare for more then forty years. The company was founded in 1960 at the very cutest of medical equipment and service formation in Lithuania.
Limeta Ltd took active part in the process of providing healthcare institutions with medical equipment. Limeta successfully included the sections of trade, service and manufacture of medical equipment into its structure thus forming a strong base of technical supplies that guarantee the highest quality of service.
The company continually expands its net of medical equipment branches in Lithuania that due to their location guarantee opportune and quality service. The company has branches with their permanent residences and service stations in Kaunas, Šiauliai, Klaipeda.
The central residence of the company is located in Vilnius and the centers of medical equipment service are in all largest healthcare institutions in Vilnius. The company has founded the Laboratory of metrological verification and calibration. The centre of analysis trade and supply of medical equipment is located in the main company residence in Vilnius. The company owns the quarter of furniture manufacture and therefore has the possibility to offer medical and other nonstandard pieces of furniture to the customers. The company has built up the most favorable conditions for maintaining regular relations with the customers: carrying out the search and purchase of necessary medical equipment, its storing (over 5000 sq. of warehouse area) and delivery to the customer, etc. The company -takes active part in various programs of the Ministry of Health of Republic of Lithuania and has carried out many large-scale projects.
We participate in open competitions of purchasing on a regular basis.
The company has been doing profitable business since the beginning and holds a leading position among the largest and most profitable Lithuanian and Baltic States companies.
All the financial reports were attested by the auditors and submitted to the tax institutions by established order.
The company is a reliable partner since the list of company services is all - inclusive in the field of medical equipment. Company takes orders for medical equipment; gives consultations and draws up schemes of how to arrange the medical equipment; deliver, assemble and install the equipment for the customer; instructs specialists how to use the equipment; provides the warranty of maintenance and repair; supplies the customers with the materials and carries out the metrological verification. Limeta have obtained all the necessary licenses in order to provide its services.
Limeta has wide net of supplies in the whole world. The company keeps in touch long time relations with producers of medical equipment from Europe, Japan, Asia and America.
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